Climate Moderated Storage


Phase Change Material

Our Climate Controlled Storage Units have a Phase Change ceiling that moderates the extreme temperature changes that are experienced in other storage facilities. The Phase Change Material (PCM) maintains about a 82 degree temperature during the phase change. This means that the unit will be more moderate in temperature during day and night. It does not mean it will stay at exactly 82 degrees, but it will make the unit much more comfortable. Simply explained, the Phase Change material acts just like the ice in an ice chest but at 82 degrees instead of 32 degrees like ice. During the day the PCM goes through the melting cycle (just like ice). During the cooler nighttime it refreezes at 82 degrees ready for the next daytime cycle. In the wintertime the PCM acts like a solar collector and absorbs the heat from the Sun then releases it when it is colder. Your unit is kept at a more comfortable temperature similar to “Climate Control” but with drive up easier access. Climate Control without Climate Change!.

Zero carbon footprint.